Transparent and colored technical ceramics

transparent ceramics

polycrystalline Sapphire

luminescent ceramics

ceramic shaping process 

technical and design parts

various colors


explore the new world of advanced ceramics

  1. ceramic molded parts for technical and design applications
  2. ultrapure translucent or transparent ceramic substrates and wafer
  3. prototypes 1-50 pcs
  4. production 100-10000 pcs
  5. development of specific colors and optically active materials
  6. consulting and R&D projects for new ceramic materials and applications


transparent sintered ceramics with ultra low porosity 


polycrystalline sapphire

-harder and tougher than monocrystalline sapphire
-highly translucent or colored
-scratch resistant
-purity > 99.99 %
-high thermal and corrosive stability
-available in various color variations 

polycrystalline spinel

-highly transparent
-harder and tougher than glass
-available in various transparent colors
-purity > 99.97 %

polycrystalline garnet

-optical active light converter
-transparent and translucent grades available
-purity > 99.99 %

polycrystalline zirconia

transparent grades (CZ)
-high refractive index
-highly transparent
-different transparent colors

translucent grades (TZP)
-highest bending strength and fracture toughness
-translucent colors availlable

zirconia toughened alumina- ZTA

-high bending strength combined with high hardness and fracture toughness
-sintered density 99.5% or HiP grade 100%

corundum ceramics

-highest hardness combined with high bending strength and fracture toughness
-purity 99.97 % or inexpensive alternative 99.8%


Transparent ceramic combines the high quality of single crystals with the good machinability of glass.

This enables a variety of uses such as:

  1. heat and scratch resistant windows made of super-strong "glass"
  2. abrasive resistant technical parts for industry and aerospace
  3. optics, sensors and light converters
  4. wafer for electronics
  5. ballistic armor and protection
  6. design apps, watch industry and jewelry

Who we are

POLYCRYSTAL design GmbH was founded in 2016 with support of Fraunhofer Venture
We are specialists in transparent and colored oxide ceramics. POLYCRYSTAL has developed new, fast, efficient and cost-effective processes for the production of transparent ceramics and offers a unique variety of attractive colored technical ceramics.

In June 2022 POLYCRYSTAL received the exhibitor award for our new ceramics at the EPHJ in Geneva, the international trade show for the high-precision industry, featuring watchmaking, jewellery, microtechnologies and medtech.



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